I have a new blog!

August 4, 2009

I’d be glad to see you there! 🙂

I’m back!

April 13, 2008

I have so much to write about, that I decided to write again. Or at least to try.
So I’m back, but are you? 😉

Leave me a message if you’re a reader, I need to know that someone’s “listening”!
And I recently put up a nice tutorial for a cool tagbook on Flickr – check it out. 🙂

Fun links

October 3, 2007

A few smart, funny, inspirational links I’ve enjoyed recently:

  • Pink Prank Project – It’s really cool, and pink is so pretty, and I admire the effort, but hey, don’t do it to me, ok? (via Rag and Bone blog)
  • Faces in places – so cute.
  • Anna Quindlen’s Speech – Get a Life! Wonderful. I’m going to print this out and carry it with me. (via Ali Edwards)
  • Oh, The Places You’ll Go! – I came across a quote from this Dr. Seuss book somewhere on the internet, and searched the whole book. It’s wonderful on so many levels. Read it!
  • Ali’s Travel journal – I’m traveling later this month, so I’ve really been looking into journals, to find a method that would appeal to me and be feasible while traveling. Ali’s journal is wonderful, and this one here too.
  • Kolby Kirk’s travel journals – So much inspiration there. Not only in his journals, but in his travels, too! Make sure to check out his Flickr, and the handmade journal he created in preparation (yes, that means before traveling) for his trip to Peru. I’m really curious to see whether I have the guts to ask the immigration officer to stamp my journal. heh. 🙂


Bizarre Window Display

September 29, 2007

More pics on my Flickr. Now what were they thinking, really!


September 8, 2007

This is a copy of a posting on my other blog. Sometimes my life gets in the way, and I can’t make the clear division: crafting OR translation. It’s just me. 

My grandmother was born in Corfu. My grandfather in Turkey. They met in Alexandria, Egypt, and got married. They spoke French, Italian and Ladino. My grandmother also spoke Greek, and they knew a little Arabic, and later on Hebrew, too.

My grandfather would call my grandmother, Rachelle (Rake-leh), the Italian way, and her friends called her Rachelle (Ra-shel), in French. My grandmother called my grandfather Maurice or Maurizio. We called them nonno and nonna, Italian for grandpa and grandma.

At nonna’s house we would drink “Café au lait”, and hear her say “Basta” and “Toma”, or “Mon cher”. When she would get angry, she would say “Allah!”, and she also used “Ah! Dio santo!” When we would cross the road together, she would squeeze my hand in hers, and say “Shema Yisrael”.

Nonna always laughed, “Il moso tiene otro moso” (my servant has a servant of his own), and said about people she didn’t like, “faccia di pocos amigos”. At her house we ate dukka and pisti, bamia, fideus, aliches, lubia, and avikas, and she would make us jump over her pan of “Behor”, to keep the evil eye away. I owe my nonna my knowledge of French. Until the age of four she took care of me, and it is in her house that I learned all these languages. Even today, there are words I only recognize in their Egyptian accent. It was only a few years ago that I learned the funny expression “Doo Paroo” is actually French, d’où par où.Two days before my ever optimistic nonna died in the hospital, she told me, “mostufa”, a new word I had never heard, and didn’t understand. I asked, and she explained that it’s from the Italian “stufa”, but in Corfioto. She had had enough. Nonno died exactly three years ago, at the age of 86, on the eve of the Jewish New Year. Nonna died this week, aged 87, three days after her birthday. May they rest in peace.

Sento la mano tua stanca
Cerca I miei riccioli d’or
Sento e la voce ti manca
La ninna nanna o’allor
Oggi la testa tua bianca
Io voglio stringere al cuor   
From Mamma Son Tanto Felice, here by Pavarotti, who also died this week.

My grandparents, Maurice and Rachelle Rozanes, on their wedding day:

Happy New Year!

August 16, 2007

Well, not just yet. The Jewish new year, Rosh Hashana is on September 12th, less than a month from now, and I realized I need cards to send out to my customers. I’ve been thinking about this all day, and I realize I have to hurry, because if I want to have them printed written and mailed on time I better get going. I’ve set my eyes on some nice apple brads (apples go together with the new year here – they will make your year sweeter!), but I’m not sure yet how to combine them in a simple but memorable greeting.

Anyway, this isn’t what I was going to write about, I just wanted to share my beautiful collection of vintage greetings, which I just uploaded to Flickr. They’re all so naive and beautiful, and some just crack me up (the bride, the militaristic ones, and the ones with the dolls- what’s that got to do with the new year?). I think you’ll enjoy them, and you’re welcome to print and use them in your artwork, too.  Enjoy!

Scrap your booty

August 13, 2007

That’s the current eve challenge. To see my layout, you would have to step over to the eve blog. I don’t want to post it here, for various mysterious reasons. Anyhow, I do want to show you my very favorite detail of it, which doesn’t show well enough on the larger pic. I added a small Hamsa to the Lo, and I like it too much to let it get lost in the large picture! 🙂

I was a bit embarassed with this challenge, and I’m happy that I finally found “my way out” of the embarassment, and into another one of my hobbies – belly dance! The picture was taken at a friend’s bachelorette. I hadn’t planned to dance, but there was a professional belly dancer there, and she had a CD with music I know the choreography to, so there I was – doing a solo dance. Now come on, scrap your booty too!