I’m a collector

April 20, 2006

A few years ago there was a beautiful exhibit at a museum here, of collections. All types of personal collections were showcased, coca cola memorabilia, swatches, spinning tops, pens, it was really nice, and it was this time of year, Pesach holiday, many of the items were presented in the open air, and it was great. I had done my spring cleaning a few weeks before, and decided to get rid of my collections: advertisement stickers from the eighties, napkins, candles, signatures (!!), and many other bits and pieces. I went into a collectors forum, and learned about the exhibition. The forum was going to meet there, and I was to meet them and distribute my belongings to their new homes. I felt really good about this, because my house was cleaner, spacier, and I made others happy. But when I told them this, they all laughed. They said that being a collector is part of who you are. You can’t get rid of it, you’ll just start hoarding new stuff right away.

Well, they were right. Every now and then I realize I have too many silly things and get rid of them. But now I’m actually sorry for that. I had a HUGE collection of maps from all over the world – thrown away. I had a collection of vintage beads and buttons my mom didn’t want – thrown away. I had napkins and erasers and stationery and soap, and all types of paper and pens (tons of Sanrio stuff my parents brought from Hong Kong) and even kept all the negatives of all the photos I’d ever taken. And all that’s gone.

And now I’ve finally found the hobby that will allow me to continue hoarding and collecting for ever, and putting my stuff to good use. Because I can make tags and bookmarks and collages and gift wrapping and picture frames and magnets from maps and negatives and all those photos that didn’t turn out well (them I still have!), and all the little trinkets I have!

So I’m no longer collecting useless stuff or hoarding it, I’m RECYCLING! Right? 😉


One Response to “I’m a collector”

  1. david Says:

    I would have loved to have the maps…! Sometimes i travel with my imagination just by looking the streets drawn on a map, and day dream in which area i’d like to find a house, near a river bank, a cathedral or the stock exchange… i try to find out the whereabouts of the old ghettos if i have in my hands the maps of an old european city, usually they are the quieter areas, the judaria, and very poetic, like in Rhodes old town… some other times if it is the mapo of a capital city or just a big city i look for the embassies and consulates areas, they usually are “elegant” in architectural styles and so on, give me a map and i’ll day dream!

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