April 21, 2006

A few years ago I had a boyfriend who lived next to Arab villages. I never understood how he drives by there at night. Seemed extremely dangerous to me. When I moved in with him, I would drive there all alone in the middle of the night without feeling any fear at all. It was my home.

I once thought living on my own would be terrifying. A girl I spoke to said, “of course not, it will be your home, how can you be terrified there? And she was right, of course.

Next month I’m going to Athens. I sent Flickr mail to someone, asking if I’d be safe to walk the streets alone, and she said of course.

When I’m abroad, I sometimes carry my backpack on my front, the touristy way. It makes me feel safer. But when I see tourists in Tel Aviv with their backpacks on that way, it looks very funny. I always think what strange people they are, there’s nothing to be afraid of here. And I’m also a little offended.

maybe I’ll wear my backpack the normal way in Athens, too. 🙂


2 Responses to “Home”

  1. That’s funny about the backpack thing. I’ve only been guilty of that once, and after about an hour I realized my worries were completely unfounded! I suppose it’s good to just trust your ‘gut’ feeling about a place…

  2. david Says:

    next month i’ll be in El Iskandaria (Egypt) and i’ll definitely wear my backpack “on my back”! i loved your metaphor!

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