Trendspotting notes

April 26, 2006

Flickring is now my favorite procrastination. Going through individual and group photos can teach you a lot about the current trends. Here’s what I picked up:

  • Everyone loves Blythe. I have no idea where she originated.
  • Everyone is crazy about cupcakes. I don’t really understand this, or get the difference between cupcakes and muffins. I think muffins are not coated. Is that all?
  • When I was small we used to have “stuffed animals”. Now they’re called plushies or softies.
  • In scrapbooking, there are embellishments, notions, keepsakes and charms – from what I’ve seen they’re synonimous – is that correct?
  • I’ve seen many “Decole” items – I don’t understand why people like them, or what they really are/ how they orignated.
  • Collage and Decoupage – the same or different?

hot: scrapbooking everything, sock dolls, amigurumi, blythe, cupcakes everything, foodie plushies, vintage.

And just a note to all you nice people who comment here, I have no idea why I chose a vlogging platform that doesn’t have a “comment on comment” feature. Should I move?


9 Responses to “Trendspotting notes”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    hee hee…
    i called softies
    stuffed animals too…
    so what’s the new word
    for cool again…
    i keep forgetting
    but i love saying
    “you kids nowadays!”
    your secret
    april swap buddy

  2. rachel Says:

    i received the stickers you sent for the “sticky situation” swap-bot swap. i love all of the cute, little ones! thanks you so much!


  3. ‘Blythe’ was a doll created in the 1970’s in America. She didn’t sell very well, they think her big head scared little children. A photographer in NYC named Gina Garan ‘discovered’ a Blythe doll, started taking pictures of her in various places, and published a book about her. She started a website called ‘This is Blythe’ and Japan started remanufacturing the dolls again!

  4. swap-bot: Nightingalle Says:

    hello hagit,
    this is gale and i’m your swap partner for the freecard swap. i’m very sorry but i wont be able to mail out your swap item until tomorrow. i have been very busy just finishing up with final exams. i went today to mail out the package but the post office closed on me before i could send it out. im very sorry. it will be a little bit late but will be there none the less. thanks for understanding.

    bye =)


  5. Kate Says:

    muffins are (in my opinion) healthier — they are less sugary. cupcakes are what you eat for birthdays and stuff — little individual cakes!

    i found your blog through swap-bot; i am your swap partner for arts & scraps!

  6. Robin Says:

    Hi, this is Robin Grose-Blake from the Swap-bot site. I’m sorry to post this here, but I couldn’t find another way to contact you.

    I have just seen your feedback to what I sent for the sticker swap. I am so sorry you were disappointed in what I sent. I genuinely did try to send what was expected. I based it on what the swap creator wrote about that exchange in her blog (dated 31 March):
    “Several swappers have emailed me asking for clearer guidelines on what constitutes $5 in stickers…Here’s what I had to tell ’em…please let me know if you think differently or have anything to add… If you place a value on single stickers somewhere between .25-.50 (depending on size etc….of course there may be some that cost even more.) and sheets at 1.00-2.00 (again depending on size/brand/detail etc.) hitting that $5.00 minimum seems to come pretty quickly… I would think that 1 or 2 sheets with 10 or so individual stickers as well would be a good guideline… If you do envies of just singles, I would maybe try to send around 15-25 per swap partner…(again depending on the stickers)… ”

    Following these guidelines, I actually *did* send 5 dollars worth of stickers — more, actually, since I put in extra just to be sure. I understand, however, that we all have different expectations. I’m sorry you were disappointed, and I know how that feels — so far, I have gotten stickers from only one of my three partners! Mail service is slow here in the developing world; I hope that’s the reason I haven’t received the others yet, and not that the other people didn’t send.

    Anyway, sorry to being so verbose here … I just wanted to let you know that I didn’t deliberately or carelessly “cheat” you; I guess you and I just had different ideas about what to expect.

    Be well and God bless,
    ~Robin in Mexico City

  7. dazed Says:

    aha! Muffins are bread and cupcakes are cake! It’s that simple! And cupcakes traditionally have frosting, and usually are decorated, sometimes with sprinkles!

    And collage is just a collection of images, phrases, really just cutouts that are put together to form a group of things that makes one large picture. Decoupage is when you use a medium like glue (mod podge) to coat the items in the collage and seal them. Like I mod podged my journal, which you can read about on my blog!


  8. Valerie Says:

    Decole is a Japanese company that makes very cute items, like card holders, magnets, and so on. You can find their web site here:

    As for the comment on comment feature, that’s pretty hard to find, strangely enough. I know LiveJournal has it, but a lot of the other blog sites do not.

  9. Colleen Says:

    now i have to figure out who this blythe person is…i’m so intrigued now

    diggin the blog!

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