My Book of Dreams

September 2, 2006

I’ve been seeing pictures of Books of Dreams on flickr and wondering what that’s all about, and then this morning I found out through Il Bloggo that The Book of Dreams is an initiative by Artsy Mama. I loved the idea immediately, and decided to start a book of my own, although the project actually started in April. I love the idea of altered books and mixed media art, but I admit I had a BIG problem just thinking about altering books or tearing their pages out. Well I’ve overcome that, as I tore apart a book today, glued its pages, and soon enough it will be my book of dreams.

A few months a friend’s family was emptying out their grandmother’s house to make it ready for its new tenants, and I went there too. There were lots and lots of “treasures” there, but at the time I wasn’t into crafting, and being the collector that I am, I just took a lot of old postcards, some old newspapers, and two old books. Dictionaries. Because I can’t let anyone throw away dictionaries. They’re both very old, and I would never use them. The one I chose for this project is a dictionary of phrases and expressions from the bible and other religious books. It’s separated into themes, “women”, “love”, “animals”, “authority”, and is actually very interesting. Since Ican NEVER ignore texts and words, I’m sure they’ll merge into my art, and I like the idea a lot. Since the book is in Hebrew, I decided I would do it in Hebrew and not English.

I spent practically all day on tearing out pages, gluing other pages to each other, and thinking and creating the cover. I like the result, but I don’t love it. I’m going to have to get used to it. I was so obsessed about making the cover, that I didn’t even realize I was supposed to leave it to the end. Oh well, so now I have a wonderful book and a cover, and I can’t wait to start with the first technique, which is “pockets“, but I have to wait for the cover to dry.

Here it is:

For the spine, I printed out a very popular song in Hebrew about dreams coming true (from the Israeli equivalent of “American Idol”, as kitch as you can get…), the “frame” I created is a whole glue stick I melted with my heating gun, at the botton I stanped a bouquet which can’t be seen too well, on the top there’s a parchment shrine embossed on the outside with an old letter stamp. When opening the shrine you can a dreamy looking Evangeline Lilly – I liked the romantic mahazine ad, and only realized it was her after I was done.

This was a lot of work, and a lot of thought, my house is now all scraps, glue, glitter, magzines and paper, but I enjoyed every single minute!


2 Responses to “My Book of Dreams”

  1. ArtsyMama Says:

    Wow, I’m so excited that you are starting your own book of dreams. It looks fantastic so far. Love it! Sounds like you have some very fun treasures to work with. Look forward to checking in and seeing your work. It’s very inspiring.

  2. jerseytjej Says:

    I have had to put my BOD on hold since my operation, but you have given me inspiration to start again! Thank you!

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