Just in time for Halloween

October 31, 2006

Damn it, I had such a nice post here about how I went to a beautiful workshop yeterday and made a witch – just in time for Halloween. You’d expect it to be saved when pressing “save”, right? with the pictures and all? Well, it’s all gone. I’m too mad to write it out again, so here’s the outline:

We don’t have Halloween in Israel
But we did have a wonderful workshop with Irit Dulman, who taught us to make a little witch.
I love needle felting, it’s fun!
less so when I prick my fingers…
Look at my cute witch!
And look at our Coven!

Happy Halloween!


Collage weekend

October 29, 2006

So because the weekend was really wintery, I got to stay home all day and actually got quite a lot done! Because I don’t have enough storage space (or space in general), I have many shoe boxes lying around – one for my stamping stuff, one for collage pieces, and one for my ribbons. I’ve been meaning to dress up these boxes, because it looks really silly to have them lying around all ugly while starting new projects. So I had them as my weekend  project. I knew I was going to collage them, and I enjoyed every single minute, from looking for the images, to cutting and pasting and finding out the “just right” layout. After two boxes, I got really tired and so for my third box I just covered it with scrapbooking papers, which are so beautifu, that I practically did no thinking about the layout. Interestingly enough, that’s the box I like least, because I feel I had nothing to do with it – the papers are pretty (לא חוכמה), and that’s just about it. The other two boxes I love dearly. The first one is nature themed (I figured that as I was going, didn’t decide ahead):

The second is more about nature-patterns – note the text on the box, I’m a word-lover, I didn’t just paste that there for the type! 😉 I like it!


And my third box is the one with scrapbooking papers (Chatterbox and DCWV), as I said, I’m not that crazy about it, although it’s pretty. Maybe it’s too pretty in a superficial kind of way, I don’t know.

Like my fridge, these three boxes are now my “inspiration boxes”. It’s funny, because I have an “inspiration notebook” where I paste magazine clippings I like. While doing these collages, I realized I don’t need to “save” these images in a separate notebook, I can use them to cover up things that stay around the house. This was so therapeutic and fun! I think I’m going to dress up every box and notebook and paper I can!

Craft wire, winter and more

October 27, 2006

It’s funny how I tend to explore things, one at a time. I’m into altering postcards, then making cards, then I would try out fimo, then collage. Well, today was craft wire day. It was so much fun! I love the look of it, I love that I can curl and twist it, and add buttons and beads. I’ll be using it more! I was just thinking today I should go and get some interesting beads, I think I could make some beautiful charms and danglies with craft wire. So for a swap I’m doing, I made a wall ornament I’m very satisfied with. It’s made from dictionary page strips, ribbon, and a chinese charm in the middle. The idea I took from the current Marie Claire Idees which features beautiful interesting ideas with books and book pages! As usual with my photos, this one doesn’t do justice with the crafty result 🙂

The I did two small signs with my partner’s children’s names. I know they’re very simple, but I think they’re sweet. I was trying not to make them too cutesy, and I like the result. I hope they will, too!

On a different note, they say the winter is here (it isn’t yet!). I hate winter (although, and maybe because, I was born during the winter – one month and one week to go before my birthday…yikes!), and I’ve decided to write a “10 reasons the winter isn’t so bad post”, BUT – I can’t find ten reasons! I can only find 1: I love winter clothing. Other than that, the winter is cold, wet, grey and cloudy. Oh, I think I just found another one: 2. On cold, wet and cloudy days, it’s fun to stay home and craft. I’ll keep you posted if I find any more reasons to like winter.

And one more thing for today, take a look at this wonderful charm swap – it’s so beautiful and inspiring! I’m tempted to join a similar swap. I have to think whether I can commit to making 25 charms…hmm…

Have a wonderful weekend!

4 things meme

October 18, 2006

I’ve been tagged by Ayelet, and I’m such a sucker for memes, that I’m not even going to apologize for enjoying it! Here goes:

Four jobs I’ve had:
1. Seller at a gift shop – at 17, I think. The part I loved most was wrapping presents for people!
2. Receptionist – the company where my mom worked had a special program for employee kids, who could come work on holidays. It was fun!
3. Airport security person – you know the people who ask, “who packed your bags?” – I was one of them.
4. Translator – both in-house and self-employed. Currently 100% self-employed and loving every minute. Hebrew speakers, go read my other blog, maybe that’ll make me update it.

Four movies I can watch over and over:

1. Moulin Rouge – I love it. I love the color, the music, the story, Nicole Kidman, Ewan McGregor. I watched it about 5 times  in the cinema, and a million more at home. One of my boyfriends once bought me the DVD, but took it back when we broke up. Oh, and my birthday is not far! 😉
2. The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (the animated one!) – I used to watch this endlessly as a child, and that’s where I learned what “Turkish delight” was – I love the name and the sweet till this day.
3. Grease! This is definitely the movie I’ve watched most. I don’t havea copy now, but I would watch it again and again and again. Yay, Grease lightnin’…
4. Notting Hill – because it’s a good chick flick, with Hugh Grant, London, a book store and a great love story. Stop rolling your eyes! Oh, and I can watch this over and over and over. And do!

Four places I have lived:

1. Kiriyat Ata, Israel.
2. Teheran, Iran (oh, this is so sexy, I love talking about it. I only lived there for about 2-3 months when I was 2 [my dad worked there], but still..Teheran!)
3. Lagos, Nigeria – 10 very beautiful years of my childhood, ages 5-15.
4. Tel Aviv, Israel. Right now, I can’t think of living anywhere else. I love this city.

Four television shows I love to watch:

I don’t have a television, but I currently follow:

1. Prison Break
2. Lost
3. Desperate Housewives
4. Studio 60

Four places I have been on vacation:

During our 10 years in Nigeria we traveled a lot. I was in North and South America, Asia, Europe and Africa before the age of 15. The four last places I’ve been to are:

1. New York
2. London
4. Sinai
5. Athens

Four of my favorite dishes:

1. Pasta
2. Pasta
3. Pasta
4. Pasta

I can’t help it. (but my favorite-favorite pasta is a dish called zia Anna Lisa at Amore Mio: spaghetti with Arugula, sweet potato, feta cheese and black olives)

Four websites I visit daily:

Ynet – my home page. Something to balance my innate optimism, I guess. Also, not having a television, this is my only source for news.
Flickr – My addiction. No, I’m not going to tell you how many hours I spend there.
My blogroll – I check them more than once a day.
Ynet crafting forum

Four places I would rather be right now:

1. In a workshop with Anahata Katkin or Teesha Moore.
2. Anywhere in the States – I have a terrible craving for the States (watch this space, wink, wink!)
3. London – been there only once, for a week, and I miss it.
4. Dubai – makes me really curious. A magazine I read during the summer described at as a huge Disneyland – another place I would always be happyto go back to!

Four bloggers I am tagging:

Inbal, Julie, Hanna, Annie

Go for it! 😉

Flea market Friday

October 14, 2006

I’ve been wanting to go to the flea market for some time, but this time I wanted to go with someone who can appreciate junk. Otherwise I don’t get to rummage through as much. So I went with my new Flickr friend ilil, and we had a great time, as expected. We got our hands dirty, ate well, found some great finds, and then headed to the craft fair – Nachlat Binyamin, where we found some more stuff. But this is so much better with pictures, so here we go.

As always with her, the day started with gifting! yay! Look at these beautiful little collaged magnets she made, and the glittery box full of charms:

In the market, I notice I mainly took pictures of dolls:

I love how you can spot so many cultures in the picture below: note the Indian elephant, Russian Babushkas, Arab type coffe pot, Jewish Chanukkiyah, Nargillah…all in one flea market shop:

The greatest find of the day, I think, was a whole box of hundreds of old “Shanot Tovot” (greetings for the new Jewish year). They’re from the seventies, and are in great condition mostly. I love them, but I’ma lousy photographer, so keep in mind that my pics don’t do justice to them. If you’d like to trade some, I’d be happy:

Another beautiful find was a “stamp”. Well, I will be using it as a stamp, but it’s made from steel, and made for machines (I know there’s a name for it, but can’t think it up right now!):

I also bought lots of new small tins, many charms, a small book for altering, a deck of cards for ATC, 3 decks of tiny cards for collaging, and a GORGEOUS Habana cigar box:

And what a better way to end the day than to arrive home and find a note from the Post Office saying I have a package waiting?

I never remember to check Studio Friday or all the other inspirational days-of-the-week sites, so I got a reminder from Hanna(thanks!;).

I have a small (but cozy!) apartment, so my creative space is in my living room. It’s a crafting table I set up, and I have a whole Ikea cabinet which I bought for my (translation) business, but it has gradually turned into my crafting cabinet (which is not to say that my other closets are not full of rolls of paper, felting wool, and boxes I have wonderful plans for!). Anyway, I am telling you all this just as an explanation to why I don’t have an inspiration board although I would love one – it simply seems too cluttered to my eyes to have that in my living room, so although I have one, it’s tucked away in one of the closets I mentioned above.

So why am I participating in this SF? well, I have my small fridge, and on it I stick all my favorite bits and pieces which I’ve received as gifts from family, swaps, and online friends. I love how it’s gotten to be so colorful, happy and international! So here it is, my little fridge. If you want it annotated, click here and you’ll see it on my Flickr stream with all the notes.

The big day is here

October 5, 2006

I’ve learned so many things these last few weeks, it’s amazing. So there’s a L’oreal bronzing cream – it has no color, just like your regular moisture cream, with a nice smell and all, and thanks to it my legs won’t glow in the dark when everyone’s slow-dancing romantically. And I have the right bra and seamless undies (!), I’ve nailpolished my toe nails for the first time in my life (well, maybe I did that once, when I was three…), and I’m all ready and set – my baby sister is getting married tonight!

This is the card and envelope I did for the young couple, hopefully they’ll appreciate it even after a night of dancing and drinking, ha.

And thank you cards for people who don’t live here and won’t be able to come, but are so nice that they sent presents anyway: