October 1, 2006

Scrapbooking is the first craft I fell in love with, mainly for the beautiful products, I admit. I can stare at my paper stash, lovely flowers, eyelets, brads, tags, die-cuts, stamps and pens all day long. This is such a huge industry and the products are absolutely marvellous, all so colorful and refined! I started out making cards, and last week I finally did my first layouts. Lately I’ve been having a bit of a problem with scrapbooking, after finding the world of mixed media and altered art. Somehow scrapbooking started to look a little superficial. Too many smiles and nice words. I mean, does anyone really “follow the trail of a butterfly”? I saw this on someone’s (gorgeous) layout, and it made me think. I would clearly choose only the finest pictures, finest products, and make the finest layouts – does that make it superficial? Having said that, I absolutely love the way people can scrapbook their day-to-day lives, make little booklets about their dreams and wishes, or scrapbook their child’s first steps/words, etc.

Anyway, I sat down to make my sister a special album for her bachelorette party. I wanted it to be a small album that would remind her of her past, what she liked and did and had, her present, her husband-to-be, their dreams and wishes, and their future together. There were a few layouts in it, and a few pages which aren’t traditional scrapbooking layouts (see cover and vintage page below, for example), I guess, but are interesting pages, and meaningful to my sister. It was terribly hard to start out. Although I’ve seen thousands of layouts and read about them, it was almost impossible to know how to crop the pictures, where to place them or how to combine colors. In the end I scraplifted two layouts, and did the rest on my own. I think what I found I enjoyed most, what adds a “not so smooth” look to my layouts and makes them a bit less “fine and polished” – that little bit of “real” I was looking for – I found in using acrylic colors to stamp. I absolutely love what they do to the stamps, and I think it makes them look much more interesting than ink!

The “Sisters” layout was scraplifted from one of my favorites scrappers, Cynthia . The scanning isn’t so great, but I hope the idea comes through.

Cover page (the album reads left-to-right, the Hebrew way, that’s why the ribbon is on the right):

Badly scanned page – but the point is the stamps with acrylics:

My sister loves vintage:

And the Sisters layout which I love:


3 Responses to “Scrapbooking”

  1. Karen Says:

    Looks like a great album. I agree about the acrylic look. It gves the stamping a bit of an edgy look.
    And what is it about this compulsion to by supplies when we don’t know if we even have anything to use them for? I think you’re right…it’s the pleasure of looking at them.

  2. Jessica Lynn Says:

    Great site, I love your work. Please visit my site too!


  3. audrey Says:

    These pages are great and the use of acrylic paint on rubberstamps is always a cool look….one of my favorite things to do. Your sister is going to love this album.

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