The big day is here

October 5, 2006

I’ve learned so many things these last few weeks, it’s amazing. So there’s a L’oreal bronzing cream – it has no color, just like your regular moisture cream, with a nice smell and all, and thanks to it my legs won’t glow in the dark when everyone’s slow-dancing romantically. And I have the right bra and seamless undies (!), I’ve nailpolished my toe nails for the first time in my life (well, maybe I did that once, when I was three…), and I’m all ready and set – my baby sister is getting married tonight!

This is the card and envelope I did for the young couple, hopefully they’ll appreciate it even after a night of dancing and drinking, ha.

And thank you cards for people who don’t live here and won’t be able to come, but are so nice that they sent presents anyway:


One Response to “The big day is here”

  1. Ayelet Says:

    Cute card – and having is say BABY in big bold letters over and over really doesn’t make your wishes too obvious 😀

    I really like the Thank you cards – did you make them yourself?

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