Studio Friday – Stick It!

October 8, 2006

I never remember to check Studio Friday or all the other inspirational days-of-the-week sites, so I got a reminder from Hanna(thanks!;).

I have a small (but cozy!) apartment, so my creative space is in my living room. It’s a crafting table I set up, and I have a whole Ikea cabinet which I bought for my (translation) business, but it has gradually turned into my crafting cabinet (which is not to say that my other closets are not full of rolls of paper, felting wool, and boxes I have wonderful plans for!). Anyway, I am telling you all this just as an explanation to why I don’t have an inspiration board although I would love one – it simply seems too cluttered to my eyes to have that in my living room, so although I have one, it’s tucked away in one of the closets I mentioned above.

So why am I participating in this SF? well, I have my small fridge, and on it I stick all my favorite bits and pieces which I’ve received as gifts from family, swaps, and online friends. I love how it’s gotten to be so colorful, happy and international! So here it is, my little fridge. If you want it annotated, click here and you’ll see it on my Flickr stream with all the notes.


5 Responses to “Studio Friday – Stick It!”

  1. Anke Says:

    A fridge works!

  2. julie Says:

    היי חגית, את מוזמנת להצתרף לשיעורי אומנות!!!
    תודה על התגובה שלך!

  3. Hanna Says:

    It looks very neat!! I use my fridge too! I think I clutter all the spaces in our apartment though… 🙂

  4. kerri p Says:

    very bright and cheerful. after I had published my bulletin board, I realized that my MEMORIES are on my fridge, while my board is more a functional storage unit, so I totally relate.

  5. Silvia Salix Says:

    What a happy fridge! Those two big flowers really cheer it up!

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