Collage weekend

October 29, 2006

So because the weekend was really wintery, I got to stay home all day and actually got quite a lot done! Because I don’t have enough storage space (or space in general), I have many shoe boxes lying around – one for my stamping stuff, one for collage pieces, and one for my ribbons. I’ve been meaning to dress up these boxes, because it looks really silly to have them lying around all ugly while starting new projects. So I had them as my weekend  project. I knew I was going to collage them, and I enjoyed every single minute, from looking for the images, to cutting and pasting and finding out the “just right” layout. After two boxes, I got really tired and so for my third box I just covered it with scrapbooking papers, which are so beautifu, that I practically did no thinking about the layout. Interestingly enough, that’s the box I like least, because I feel I had nothing to do with it – the papers are pretty (לא חוכמה), and that’s just about it. The other two boxes I love dearly. The first one is nature themed (I figured that as I was going, didn’t decide ahead):

The second is more about nature-patterns – note the text on the box, I’m a word-lover, I didn’t just paste that there for the type! 😉 I like it!


And my third box is the one with scrapbooking papers (Chatterbox and DCWV), as I said, I’m not that crazy about it, although it’s pretty. Maybe it’s too pretty in a superficial kind of way, I don’t know.

Like my fridge, these three boxes are now my “inspiration boxes”. It’s funny, because I have an “inspiration notebook” where I paste magazine clippings I like. While doing these collages, I realized I don’t need to “save” these images in a separate notebook, I can use them to cover up things that stay around the house. This was so therapeutic and fun! I think I’m going to dress up every box and notebook and paper I can!


3 Responses to “Collage weekend”

  1. Karen Says:

    What a great idea! I tend to just buy boxes because they are so ceap. But this looks fantastic and a great way to use up laft over bits of paper. Thanks for the tip. And by the way, love the look you’ve created on your boxes.

  2. jerseytjej Says:

    I have 2 large cereal boxes under my work table and the kids cannot believe that I made them eat so many corn flakes to have the boxes….What is the first step in the altered box project!?

  3. jerseytjej Says:

    Because EVERYthing is so expensive, I look for shoe boxes when I go to the large stores and ask the employees if I can have one or 2…I have painted them and use them in the attic for shelving things I “may” need one day…! The first one you did is my fav.

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