Sugar Paste Adventures

November 7, 2006

Even before I started to enjoy crafts, I would always look at sugar paste cakes and admire their beauty. You know all those beautiful purse cakes? or am I the only one gettings those e-mails with presentations of wonderful cakes? So anyway, I’ve always wanted to take a course, but never actually did. Then I started visiting crafting forums, and people there talk about sugar paste and upload their cakes, and I finally decided to give it a try. all alone.

A very good friend is celebrating her 30th birthday tomorrow, and I know she loves sugar paste cakes and would appreciate this kind of surprise, so I set out to buy the products. Now, just so you understand the situation: I didn’t even have a rolling pin or a round baking pan until yeterday. Well, off I went to the store, bought me some expensive useless stuff and lots of other things, and came back home to use the online tutorial for my first cake. It was lots of fun! (and lots of dishes to do after the fun, ugh)

My tips for when you decide to give it a try:

1. If you read Hebrew, ask me for the tutorial, I can send you a Word file, it’s fantastic and very clear.

2. Careful with your nails – they leave marks everywhere.

3. Work FAST! I threw away about 500 grams of sugar paste, because I spoke on the phone and did other things in between. The paste doesn’t like to be left alone. It hardens and chips, and you can’t use it after that.

4. I bought a straight edge smoother polisher. Don’t. It doesn’t do anything. Use your hands to smoothen the paste onto the cake. No need for this piece of plastic.

5. When you’re done, don’t move the cake around, not even if you want to take pictures in every possible position. The paste hardens, and will chip easily. Be gentle.

I have no idea what it will taste like yet, but I think that all things considered, it looks cute! Right now it’s sitting in my friend’s house waiting for her to return and see it. I really hope it’ll be a pleasant surprise.

Here it is, happy birthday Tzurtzuriti! šŸ™‚


5 Responses to “Sugar Paste Adventures”

  1. audrey Says:

    This looks too yummy and i love the colors.

  2. Ayelet Says:

    GREAT job!! especially for a first cake, it looks completely professional. So what did it taste like?

  3. Sarah Says:

    This cake is really lovely. If I came home to find it on my counter, I think I would love the gifter forever. Where was it when I was dying for a birthday cake idea for my son’s second birthday? LOL

  4. annie Says:

    i like it!
    good job šŸ™‚

  5. jerseytjej Says:

    It is beautiful and I am SURE your friend will love it! I would like to see the recipe (in Hebrew!) It will look beautiful in my journal with a picture of your cake!

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