Feeding my addiction

November 21, 2006

Someone posted a message in my favorite craft forum, saying she has to get rid of some magazines. Guess who decided she can’t resist such an offer and ended up carrying two HUGE bags-full to the fourth floor? I really didn’t imagine I would get so many, and she was so nice to drop it all off at my house. How could I resist?


So I spent the evening, my first quiet one at home in over a week snip-snip-snip. I also glued a yummy collage in my journal, only to read in Lisa Vollrath’s new site that she calls them “glue books” – I like that better, because I don’t want to write a journal, I only want to snip-snip-snip and then glue it all down with my UHU stick (I love the smell. Finally, a normal smelling glue!).  Pictures tomorrow, and if you want some magazines in Hebrew, let me know.


3 Responses to “Feeding my addiction”

  1. jerseytjej Says:

    I loved the glue/magazine/collage thing so much I started my own and joined the Glue Monkeys!

  2. Ayelet Says:

    I didn’t know you were also looking for plain, non-crafty magazines to snip up and glue!
    I might have a few (or, more then a few) (or maybe a whole bunch) to give you!

  3. Hanna Says:

    Oh you lucky girl!

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