No news is good news?

December 2, 2006

Not much crafting was done these last few days, I’ve been drowning under heaps of work, and didn’t even have time to pop in here for updates. I’ve also been a very bad swapper – late, late, late (but all ready to be sent tomorrow!) Which is not to say I haven’t been peeking inside blogs or shopping online, in case you were wondering.

I ordered another 3 Somerset magazines, because I enjoyed them so much, and I received my BEAUTIFUL stamps ordered from Catslife Press, and I have to share them with you because they’re so very beautiful, AND I got one stamp as a free surprise! (don’t you love sellers who surprise you?) I know you want to see them, so here they are:

And the only bit of crafting I did manage to get done was this card for a good friend’s bachelorette (which I did using my newest punch and first b-day gift):

And now I’m going out for my pre-birthday dinner, and when I come back I’ll be one year older, and still have a whole day of celebrations ahead of me – grand, no? 😉


2 Responses to “No news is good news?”

  1. jerseytjej Says:

    Jag Mor Hon LEva!
    Happy birthday, My friend! Many hugs and more to you!

  2. jerseytjej Says:

    Now that the birthday is cóncluded…Are you still buying mounted stamps and if so what do you pay?

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