Under the weather

December 17, 2006

First I had LOTS of work, work, work, no play, then i became so very sick. I know the two are connected, sigh. I’m going to have to remember this. I haven’t been this sick in a really long time. I’m usually not sick, and when I do get a throat ache it stays for barely a day or two. This time, I’ve been with fever, horrible throat ache, coughs and all the nasty feelings that come along with it since Wednesday. Ugh. Being self-employed, I also have to get some work done, can’t just lay in bed. Another sigh.

Definitely no inspiration there, but I’m reading a fantastic book: Au Bonheur De Dames (I’m reading it in Hebrew) by Emile Zola, which my mom bought me. A curious gift, I agree, but it’s wonderful. So I’m back to my book. Stay well. I hate winter, have I said that before? Let it be over already!


6 Responses to “Under the weather”

  1. Ayelet Says:

    I SO know how you feel..
    Hope you’re feeling better and craftier soon!!

  2. Inbal Says:

    Hate being under the weather like that, hope it passes quickly.

  3. Regina Says:

    I am also sick and 3 of 4 kids are also…The husband has just gone back to work and I have 2 journals to send out tomorrow…Swedens’ holiday is tomorrow ( Sunday) so I will be busy at the inlaws! Feel better and I hope I have done your journal justice…photos to you and the blog tomorrow…gotta get the kids to bed!

  4. Genny Says:

    I hope you are better now Hagit šŸ™‚

  5. jerseytjej Says:

    Are you stil sick!?
    You don’t want me and the kids to come and visit you, do you!?

  6. jerseytjej Says:

    I am sOOOOOO jealous!
    I needed glue sticks and composition books and PAINT!…sigh..I miss you! Hurry Back from America with LOTsOF GOOdieS!

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