Back from NYC

January 29, 2007

I’m back! And it’s so difficult to be back! I was away for 12 days – 10 in NYC, and two on the way, and it was a blast! It was the longest holiday I had in years! This wasn’t my first time in NYC, I was there about six years ago, and liked it a lot. I was really afraid of the cold winter, but enjoyed it a lot, and even got to see some snow fall. I walked the streets all day long, I breathed the culture and views, the different buildings, the subway, the park, I enjoyed all the little “Americanisms”, I went to see Rent on Broadway, I went to huge and fantastic craft stores such as Michael’s and AC Moore and The Ink Pad, I went to the gorgeous paper shops such as Kate’s Paperie and Paper Presentation, I really enjoyed the big toy shops like FAO Schwarz and Toys R’ Us in Times Square (which has a ferris wheel *inside* the store!), I loved Williamsburg, I ate well, and I bought what i thought was a ton of crafty supplies. Only to get home and see that I have so few things! I can never have enough, really. I’ll take some pics of all the new additions to my stash later this week, to share with you. You can see my NYC pics in my Flickr, but one of the most amazing things I saw I was unable to take pictures of. I went to the Brooklyn Museum, where there were two exhibits, one by Annie Leibovitz, and one by Ron Mueck. I don’t normally have patience for museums (I would much rather stroll the streets), but these two exhibits were absolutely breath taking. I had seen one of Annie Leibovitz’s exhibits before, in Israel, and this one was fantastic as well. Very moving, very interesting, and wonderful pictures. The Ron Mueck exhibit, however, is like nothing you’ve ever seen. He makes realistic statues out of silicone, and you just can’t get enough. They’re sometimes overwhelming because of their enormous size, and I was just sure they would blink their eyes and get up from where they were sitting/lying down. I really wanted to touch them, but didn’t dare. I did, however, go real close, trying to find a tiny flaw, something that would convince me they’re only statues. But it was impossible. This work is really one of a kind, and I have to share it with you. Click here to see a wonderful gallery of pictures, but please tell me, if you’re not allowed to take pics, who are all these people, and why could they??!! 🙂


3 Responses to “Back from NYC”

  1. Missed you! Welcome back.

  2. Ayelet Says:

    Welcome back!! you managed to see 2 of my favourite artists.. lucky you.

    I’m still looking forward to seeing your new stash of stuff! I have a lampshade with your stash’s name on it 🙂

  3. jerseytjej Says:

    Welcome home!
    I am from the NY area and when i go home i can often roam the streets for hours just looking and absorbing all of the things that make it the greatest city in my world!

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