Stamping with a twist

March 13, 2007

I just came across these two sweet ideas, each a stamp in its own way. You know those “creases” we have on our face in the morning? well, why not hve your husband “wear” one that says “Good morning sweetheart“? (via Alecia).

The other one reminds me of Monica from “Friends”, because I’ve never cared about the rings that glasses will leave on the table. Hironau Tsuboi designed a glass that won’t leave rings, but… flowers!


Don’t you just love this sentence? I discovered it in a catalog found in a clothing store in Veghel. We went into this pretty store, called Object – from the catalog I learned that they’re Danish. Anyhow, they had the best catalogs lying around, and I always collect free paper- junk mail, advertising post cards, etc. These catalogs are just beautiful – the designs, the fonts, the papers… I took three, but I wish I had the guts to take more! One has vellum pages with sketches on them:

the other has pretty papers in it:

and the third is constructed from large circles. It has a beautiful sturdy tag on the front, the circles are catalog pages, but their backs are postcards with beautiful sayings and drawings:

 Lots of cute sayings in there, like the title of this post, also “you are the sweetest thing”, “anti stress objects”, and more – in the most beautiful fonts, of course. I love these types of discoveries even more than buying new paper in the store!

I’m back! I spent the last five days in Holland, having the time of my life. The reason I went was to join the Wacky Workshop Weekend – it sounded like a dream come true – travel abroad,  join workshops with two of my most favorite artists, Corinne Delis and Celine Navarro, shop in a scrapbooking store – what else could I ask for. Well, apart from all this, there was also great food, wonderfully beautiful places (Veghel, Alkmaar and Amsterdam), amazing people (Corinne, Marcia, Celine, Karine, and many others I met there were so welcoming, generous, talented and fun!)

It was my first time in such workshops, and my first time in a specialized scrapbooking store. I was so impressed by the organization! There was a goodie bag for all participants, there were kits for every workshop, there were giveaways in the workshops, and there were ALL the materials you can imagine, so we can use them during the workshops – paper, paints, collage pics, rub ons, and in the evening crop – many types of die cutting machines, punches and scissors. It was so much to fun to have such a large variety of materials, and so much inspiration around! I just loved to walk around the class and see how everyone interpreted the kit/ workshop differently, using different colors/ materials. Celine and Corinne are both extremely talented and knowledgeable, and it was fantastic to see their work “live”. I’m going to need different posts for my impressions and all the new things I learned, materials I saw for the first time, etc.

Back to the people, because I think it was mainly about the people. Corinne was the most amazing hostess I could wish for. She picked me up from the airport, I stayed one night with her at her hotel, and one night in her home, and the amount of materials I got from her is really unbelievable. THANKS, Corinne! Honestly, nothing I say will explain how welcomed I felt – at the shop (Marcia and her family were so nice and helpful!!!), during workshops and lunches with new people, and with Corinne. It was just as good as can be!

I spent my last day in Amsterdam, with which I fell in love instantly – the city is so beautiful with its houses, canals, shops, bikers, boat houses, the food is great, and the people – again, I’m just amazed. The dutch are so nice and warm, and their English is perfect. I felt so nice at the hotel, and in the evening, sitting at a restaurant (“Stout!”)- I was out of cash, and my their credit card machine didn’t work, so they just said I could go and pay later. Unbelievable. The same was with the restaurant in Veghel, the owner saw that we enjoyed the stroop waffles, so he gave us two each to take with us. That’s how I felt everywhere, and it’s nice to feel that way. In NY, for example, people will kill you for taking photographs in shops. In Amsterdam, I asked a shop owner, “ummm…please, would it be ok if I took photographs?” I was really shy and I was sure she would say no, but she smiled and seemed surprised. She said, “of course!” – So you can see two pics of her beautiful shop in my Flickr (and many more pics of the workshops and Holland there, too).

Well, that’s all for now, and this is really just an itsy bitsy bit of the fun I had. I’ll share more later. It was great to get to know all the dutch scrappers (Hilda, Danielle, Klaartje, and others whose names I don’t know, but who I spoke to during workshops and lunch), and million thanks to Marcia for dinner, for organizing my bed and breakfasts, for being so nice and helpful, to Karine for being next to me all weekend – you’re such an inspiration! to Celine – you’re a great teacher, and fun to be with, and Corinne – for just about everything!!! You’re all more than welcome to Israel, and who knows, maybe we can orgaznie something similar here one day! 😉