HMITM Challenge

April 20, 2007

I’m loving these challenges. It’s much more simple to get going with a challenge. When I saw this week’s challenge I thought I’d just pass. No patterned paper! I live for patterned paper! 😉 Well, in the end I did it, and I love the outcome! I hand-cut the circles on purpose – no punches. This is also my first time with an 8X8 LO. I just bought a new 8X8 album this week, and I hope to make more of these smaller LOs. Although I like the big ones too, the smaller ones seem more practical and manageable, and… uh…cute! 🙂


9 Responses to “HMITM Challenge”

  1. Emine Says:

    Yes, hagit, it’s REALLY cute… I love it.. So colorful… so nice…
    And you are doing a great job with the pics 😉

  2. Karen Says:

    Love the bright happy feel of this layout.

  3. wow hagith this just rocks!!


  4. kmthornton Says:

    Very cute!!! 8×8 are such a nice change for a bit from 12×12. Amazing how much faster they come together, huh? love the LO! 🙂

  5. gigi Says:

    this is GORGEOUS! love how you free cut the circles & altered up the ghost letters….awesome layout!

    & thanks for the comment on my blog! hope you have a great week & hope to see ya ’round! LOVE your art!!


  6. Love love love your layout! Thanks for visiting Your15minutes! Our first artist and challenge will be up tomorrow! Have a great day! Kim

  7. Emine Says:

    where are you sweetie 😉

  8. julie Says:

    Hello!! Lovely and colourful and fun!!!!!

  9. Karine Says:

    Hi Hagit thanks for your sweet message this morning ! I m happy to receive news about you 🙂 I love your scrap and these Lo specially.
    Have a great day Hagit

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