Poll and RAK

May 12, 2007

So I’m really curious, and if you help me out, you’ll receive a small thank you RAK. I made a few ATCs a few days ago, and uploaded them to Flickr. I love one more than the other. So do my Flickr pals. But we don’t like the same one. One has double viewings, more comments and has been favorited, while the other remains neglected (although dearly loved by me! :-). Now I’m curious why!
So please: tell me which one you like better, and why. Just a word or two, it’s not a test! In a few days, I’ll draw a name from all the participants, and the lucky winner will receive a goodie bag full of materials for ATCs. Oh, and no peeking on Flickr! I want to know what *you* think! So:
Here are the ATCs – Well, right or left? (THANKS Tanja, for helping me out with the images!)

Thanks for participating! 🙂


15 Responses to “Poll and RAK”

  1. Nicola Says:

    I like the bottom one the best! My reason? Well, the colour mostly. I love the composition in both of them but the black and white with a touch of red & green is very pleasing and elegant, and the red of the flowers compliments the red lines in the background while the combination of sepia and white of the top one doesn’t really “mesh” for me and the red line in the background looks lonely. Now I have to go check flickr and see! LOL

  2. I like the top because the embellishments (lace, red lines, etc) lead the eyes to the main image. Both are interesting though. I shall zip off to flickr now to see which one you like!

  3. I like the top one the best. The lace is giving it an extra dimension what i am missing at the other one. The other one would be my favorite of its composition if only there would have been some small piece of texture , hope that makes sense?


  4. Emine Says:

    I like the top one the best… it’s more interesting.. the bottom is nice too but a little empty to me…


    BTW: you are doing a fantastic job with this atc’s girl… they’re both great believe me.. but you made me choose one LOL

  5. Anke Says:

    …Hi Hagit…;-)

    I like the top one better! I think the composition is much more ballanced. I would add some tiny thing with some colour though. The bottom one has a good colour combo, but the focal point is a bit to much on the right side for my tast. You could add some thing on the left to balance it a bit more. A good trick is to turn you work upside down, mostly you can see if it need some thing more or if its off balance…;-)
    Try to make the pictures smaller so they fit next to each other, your colum is not wide enough to have them both in it in this size…;-)

    Hope all this helps you!

  6. jerseytjej Says:

    I already saw these and the red roses and the journal background did it for me! You do so tend to underestimate your work! It is FAN tastic!

  7. Karen Says:

    Oh this is a tough call. They’re both truly beautiful and it’s hard to choose one. But if I have to pick one that I’ll go for the top one because the scrap of lace workd so well with the vintage sepia photo. As if it’s a scrap of memory from the moment.

  8. Tanja Says:

    I find the bottom ATC more beautiful because the red in the roses goes nicely together with the red lines of the background. And I find the image of this woman more beautiful then the top one. Simply beautiful and elegant!

  9. Tanja Says:

    I have put your images side by side in photoshop,
    dont know if thats what you want, but here’s the image link:

  10. Tamar Says:

    What an interesting question (and reactions)! My initial response was in favor of the one on the right, I think because the colors are so appealing, and also because the off-center composition is so interesting to the eye. However, my second response was in favor of the left-hand ATC, because of the texture of the lace and the story lurking behind the photo. I would choose the one on the right to hang on my wall, and the one on the left for the cover of a novel, if that makes sense.

  11. Fauve Says:

    I like the right one the most,because the color of the picture fits better i think.

  12. Linda Harre Says:

    I have to be honest and say that I love them both! REALLY! It is hard to pick. I have always loved RED in all my paintings and artwork….so the red really got me. I will have to say that right is right for me:)
    Thanks for visiting my blog. I always love meeting new friends:) hugs, Linda

  13. Inbal Says:

    I vote for the one of the left, not sure why, maybe because the photo is centred and I’m anal like that, or maybe because with the piece of late it just seems a bit more romantic and I’m a romantic fool… They are both lovely.

  14. Daphna Says:

    I like the left one better (with the couple).
    The backround is clearer, and I like sapia in pics.
    The croche (is that how you spell it?!) is a very nice touch – elegant, and fits in with the wedding photo. It somehow gives me a nice feeling.

    Also – the lady on the right card looks a bit angry, as if she were angry at me! I dont like the feeling it gives me.

    Nice blog!!

  15. mommycraft Says:

    I like the right one better…it caught my eye right away, and the other one (with the couple) was great, but seemed more like a compliment to the other…and, she is just so dang cute!

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