Too much information

May 18, 2007

I have finally been tagged by Tamar! Yay! I was feeling so unpopular…:-)
So, meme lover that I am, here are 7 random facts about me:

1. I can’t stand to see medical procedures or snakes – not on TV, not in print, nowhere. Brrrrr. I am not, however, scared of cockroaches, and don’t mind killing them.

2. I never make my bed. Or understand why others do.

3. I have not left my house without eyeliner since the age of 15. One black line under my eyes. Apart from that I hardly ever wear make-up.

4.Β Β I’m really scared of thunder and lightning. Well, I hate the winter in general, and I really hate rain.

5. I love burned food. Well, not burned-burned, but you know, a-little-overdone-and-toasted-crispy-scraped-off-the-botton-of-the-pan type of burned.

6. My pet peeve is people who use [‘s] when they want to use the plural (girl’s friend’s, etc.) . I am so making an LO about this! πŸ™‚

7. I *really* hate shopping for clothes. I’d rather shop for shoes, bags, and scrapbooking materials any day (especially scrapbooking materials! Any day!).

If you read this, please feel free to tell me 7 random things about you, too! Oh yes, that would be another random thing about me. I actually **read** all those random things in blogs of complete strangers, and find them very interesting. πŸ™‚

Have a wonderful weekend, I’m going out to sushi tonight, and then it’s a regular workday tomorrow. Oh well, at least I still have this week’s Grey’s episode to watch.:)


4 Responses to “Too much information”

  1. Emine Says:

    How cool Hagit… We have a few things incomment πŸ˜‰



    Aw my random 7 things:

    – I am AFRAID Of spiders
    – I scrap at nights and take a nap during the day
    – I love to have secrets πŸ˜‰
    – I cry when a movie gets emotional ( I mean really CRY LOL)
    – I can’t leave my house without having my mascara on
    – Sometimes I want to kick my husband in the *ss (sorry for my language bwahahah)
    – I am totally a TRACING, HAMbLY and ORANGE FREAK (scrapbookrelated)

  2. I love the fact you hate shopping for clothes – conjurs up interesting images of meeting you for lunch…

  3. Karen Says:

    Well snakes don’t really bother me. I have a picture of me with a python draped around my neck. But cockroaches really freak me out. I don’t think I identify well with the insect world in general. And mice! Don’t get me started on mice.

  4. Ayelet Says:

    I HATE cockroaches, but I can really relate to that burned food thing πŸ˜€ it’s one of my favourites too.

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