May 31, 2007

So the time has come to change from my winter bag to my summer one, and I found 7 (!!) pens in my bag. There’s got to be a name to this kind of anxiety. The fear of being lost without a pen, or something along those lines. I only transferred 3 (!) to my summer bag. You can’t say I’m not dealing with my problems! 🙂

So happy the weekend is here!


3 Responses to “Disturbed”

  1. Jakey Says:

    We recently flew home from visiting the kids abroad. At customs the man asked if I was carrying any lighters..?

    I assured him I was not.

    I don’t smoke – why would I be?

    I smiled sweetly and put my bag on the conveyer belt. He smiled back – and stopped me on the other side. My bag in his hand…

    He opened the bag. Pulled out a lighter. I apologised… must be my husbands… he smiled, put his hand in… pulled out another… I flustered – honestly – I’m sorry – I had no idea!

    Nodding, he continued to plunge his hand into my bag…

    7 times….



    I wanted to be swallowed up!

    I looked for my dh… where was he??? nowhere in sight, obviously….

    Of course they just confiscated them and let me go… but I saw him shaking his head… 7 lighters. Honestly!

    And… I DON’T smoke!!!!!

    Oh – and yes. dh was throttled later!!! 🙂

  2. Emine Says:

    LOL.. what are you going to do with all those pens?? I can understand 3 but 7 is too much, don’t you think honey?? LOL

    Have a great weekend


  3. Ayelet Says:

    I can relate – when I was in college I always carried at least 2-3 pens (different kinds!) and a Sharpie marker. and scissors. and tape. and a sketchbook. usually some paper too 😀

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