Asian Ball-Joint Dolls

June 13, 2007

Oh, what would my life be without Flickr?
I’ve been meaning to write about these gorgeous dolls for a long time. I find this trend really fascinating. I noticed these beautiful dolls some time ago, and added some of them into my favorites, and then I realized there’s a whole industry surrounding them. It’s a little like the Blythe craze, which also never ceases to amaze me, but I don’t think you can buy Blythe in separate parts.
Apparently, these Asian dolls are very expensive (I haven’t researched too extensively, but from what I can see the basic dolls are about 200 dollars and more), and people buy their skeleton (yes, it freaks me out too! See this one also.), and then they add eyes, hair, make up, clothing, etc. There are many types of dolls, but I think the prettiest one I’ve seen so far is the Latti doll. You can see her pics here and here .
She’s so adorable! Isn’t she?
Laura has this wonderful doll, she crochets and knits dresses and outfits for them, and she also takes wonderful photographs – thanks, Laura, for letting me use your pics!



11 Responses to “Asian Ball-Joint Dolls”

  1. Zabrina Says:

    Thanks for visiting my blog!!!
    Oh, I’ve seen these dolls before. I know a lady that has tons of dolls from Asia. She does build them and make clothings and they also have accessories. So cute. Expensive, indeed. There are a lot of girls at, entire communities dedicated to these dolls!

  2. Laura Says:

    Thanks! 🙂

    “Jointed dolls” is an amazing world, I don’t recommend to buy one because you’ll want more, and more, and moooore!!! 🙂

    My Shiro is very happy with your post! Have a nice week.

  3. Mandy Says:

    She looks so sweet, that pic of them together on the little couch is so adorable!

  4. Aimee Says:

    i love these & the blythe dolls-i want one of each SO badly!

  5. Ulla Says:

    Wonderful, I especially love ‘little miss carrot top’!

  6. duofan Says:

    Wow your dollie is super cute!!

  7. Karasu Says:

    That’s so cute! The way she’s dressed up in the first picture makes me think of the character “Boo” in Monster’s Inc.

  8. Dana Says:


    Just stumbled upon your blog, I absolutely love your dolls they are so unique and sweet! Where did you get the Japanese doll from? It’s lovely, just wondered whether I could buy one from anywhere.


    Dana 🙂

  9. Minta Laury Says:

    Hi I found your site when i was searching bing for this

  10. Makeup DIY Says:

    Hi hunnie, sweet site! I genuinely appreciate this post.. I was curious about this for a while now. This cleared a lot up for me! Do you have a rss feed that I can add?

  11. amit Says:

    hi, i am frm india. its a very cute doll “lati”. can you please tell me from where u purchesed her? can you please help me?

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