Pinkish ATCs

June 16, 2007

I got so much work done, and I’m happy. I made a small shrine for a swap, many new journal pages and backgrounds, many ATCs, lots of paint was splashed. I used purple cardstock, gessoed it to be white, and just splashed paint. A little pink, then I dabbed it with some yellow, and white, blue and orange, used all kinds of things around the house to “stamp” on it (bubble wrap, toilet roll, lace (!)…), then I stamped with stamps, added images and embelishments, and basically, had fun. I just love making the backgrounds without thinking. Just playing. And they always turn out so interesting. So far I’ve used only the pink ones to make ATCs. You can see all my new ATCs on my Flickr page, and here’s one I really like:


4 Responses to “Pinkish ATCs”

  1. jerseytjej Says:

    What do you print your images out on? Photo paper or regular printer paper? I like the atc above!

  2. Jakey Says:

    *Sigh* That’s just beautiful Hunny….
    jk xx

  3. Hanna Says:

    It is beautiful, and inspiring!

  4. Ayelet Says:

    The little pink safety pin just brings it all together..

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