More ATCs and Packing Tape transfers

June 17, 2007

I made a few more ATCs yesterday, using the same backgrounds I had made the day before, only this time I used images from newspapers, and as I was working, I remembered the packing tape technique which I wrote about some time ago . So I had some fun with that, too. I really like how these two turned out – in the pink one, the lamp is a magazine cutout which I did with packing tape, which makes it transparent like that, and the one below I just cut two completely different images, the girl, and the curtain, and created a picture. I really like them. They’re not for trade (yet), but I made many others, which you can see on my Flickr account if you’d like to trade. I’m really enjoying ATCs!


13 Responses to “More ATCs and Packing Tape transfers”

  1. Emine Says:

    those are amazing hagit.. Love every one of them


  2. jerseytjej Says:

    I have not done collaging on an ATC yet, but thanks for the idea of trying it! These are so pretty and I love the color combo!

  3. Ayelet Says:

    Ahhhh! I missed like 1000 posts in your blog.. going to go over them all now.
    Thanks for the technique! love it!

  4. Ayelet Says:

    I also had to add that those are SO much prettier in person 🙂

  5. Karen Says:

    Loving these Hagit. I’m off to check out that technique about packing tape. Sounds interesting.

  6. Idan Says:

    hey hagit!!
    you have been tagget!
    check out my blog…

  7. Jakey Says:

    Gorgeous work !

  8. Tamar Says:

    Hagit, these are amazing! I love the texture, the colors, the imagery, everything!

  9. Hanna Says:

    yes, packing tape transfer are so cool. I’ve just started to experiment with it and not used any of the transfers yet, but it is so easy and fun! 🙂

  10. Christine Says:

    You are so talented.
    I’m glad i found your blog.

  11. milkcan Says:

    Very cool! Love the sense of mystery in them (especially the second one). Like a story not quite told…

  12. lummaTomy Says:

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