Fun links

October 3, 2007

A few smart, funny, inspirational links I’ve enjoyed recently:

  • Pink Prank Project – It’s really cool, and pink is so pretty, and I admire the effort, but hey, don’t do it to me, ok? (via Rag and Bone blog)
  • Faces in places – so cute.
  • Anna Quindlen’s Speech – Get a Life! Wonderful. I’m going to print this out and carry it with me. (via Ali Edwards)
  • Oh, The Places You’ll Go! – I came across a quote from this Dr. Seuss book somewhere on the internet, and searched the whole book. It’s wonderful on so many levels. Read it!
  • Ali’s Travel journal – I’m traveling later this month, so I’ve really been looking into journals, to find a method that would appeal to me and be feasible while traveling. Ali’s journal is wonderful, and this one here too.
  • Kolby Kirk’s travel journals – So much inspiration there. Not only in his journals, but in his travels, too! Make sure to check out his Flickr, and the handmade journal he created in preparation (yes, that means before traveling) for his trip to Peru. I’m really curious to see whether I have the guts to ask the immigration officer to stamp my journal. heh. 🙂