I made a few more ATCs yesterday, using the same backgrounds I had made the day before, only this time I used images from newspapers, and as I was working, I remembered the packing tape technique which I wrote about some time ago . So I had some fun with that, too. I really like how these two turned out – in the pink one, the lamp is a magazine cutout which I did with packing tape, which makes it transparent like that, and the one below I just cut two completely different images, the girl, and the curtain, and created a picture. I really like them. They’re not for trade (yet), but I made many others, which you can see on my Flickr account if you’d like to trade. I’m really enjoying ATCs!


Pinkish ATCs

June 16, 2007

I got so much work done, and I’m happy. I made a small shrine for a swap, many new journal pages and backgrounds, many ATCs, lots of paint was splashed. I used purple cardstock, gessoed it to be white, and just splashed paint. A little pink, then I dabbed it with some yellow, and white, blue and orange, used all kinds of things around the house to “stamp” on it (bubble wrap, toilet roll, lace (!)…), then I stamped with stamps, added images and embelishments, and basically, had fun. I just love making the backgrounds without thinking. Just playing. And they always turn out so interesting. So far I’ve used only the pink ones to make ATCs. You can see all my new ATCs on my Flickr page, and here’s one I really like: