July 25, 2007

I rock! I was tagged twice. Once by Anke and once by Tamar. Thanks so much!
The idea is to create a virtual circle of blogging women, originating at this blog. So, here are my nominees for five more rockin’ gals who definitely deserve to be on the list:

1. Corinne, for being so damn brave and colorful and outgoing in her art and life. She’ll talk and blog and scrap about anything, and it’ll always be honest and interesting. She’s funny and sweet, and has a HUGE heart, and… she definitely has the handsomest husband! 🙂

2. Hanna, because she has a real passion for art. She’ll try it all, book binding, sewing, collage, paint, photography! and even though I’m sure she’ll receive many nominations, she’s still one of my very favorite blogs, so I can’t leave her out. 

3. Roben-Marie – I only discovered her very recently through Flickr, and I’m amazed at the artwork. I could just favorite every single one of those journal pages. Plus, She also went on a medical mission trip to El Salvador (and just look at this journal she made!)!

4. Cynthia, because she was one of the very first scrappers I ever saw/read, and because I admire her bold and funny writing and enjoy her work.

5. Christine Kane, she’s my guru. Anyone who’s self-employed should read her blog. She has amazing insights I identify with, she makes me nod my head like crazy when I read her. She’s smart and funny and experienced, and she’s right! 🙂

 Thank you all. I may have many many blogs on my reading list, but yours are something special.


Blog discovery

February 3, 2007

I just have to share with you one of the most inspirational/dream-like/ fairy tale/wonderfully beautiful and creative blogs I’ve come across. I just stumbled upon it this week, and was so happy with the discovery. The blog is Ullabenulla, and as I’ve already gone through the WHOLE archive, may I suggest that if you don’t have time, just scroll through her art – you’ll be sure to come again after that!

Disclaimer: Be warned, Ullabenulla is a fascinating blog. I will not be held responsible for your time! 😉


I’m still excited at the thought of the wonderful Annie Leibovitz exhibit I saw in the Brooklyn Museum, but look what I found just now! Annie Leibovitz shot some fantastic photos for Disney. My favorite is the Scarlett Johansson one. But they’re all wonderful, and it says there’s more to come!

While you’re there, you may wonder, “what is this “notcot” site? Well, I found it via the Free People blog, which is another worthy link, and just look at all that creativity – I LOVE the tandem umbrella, and the heart flask is so cute, and the plant in a phone charm is wonderful! And take a look at the crazy food photos. Definitely going into my faves! 🙂