Poll and RAK

May 12, 2007

So I’m really curious, and if you help me out, you’ll receive a small thank you RAK. I made a few ATCs a few days ago, and uploaded them to Flickr. I love one more than the other. So do my Flickr pals. But we don’t like the same one. One has double viewings, more comments and has been favorited, while the other remains neglected (although dearly loved by me! :-). Now I’m curious why!
So please: tell me which one you like better, and why. Just a word or two, it’s not a test! In a few days, I’ll draw a name from all the participants, and the lucky winner will receive a goodie bag full of materials for ATCs. Oh, and no peeking on Flickr! I want to know what *you* think! So:
Here are the ATCs – Well, right or left? (THANKS Tanja, for helping me out with the images!)

Thanks for participating! 🙂



February 18, 2007

Lia from Art junk has been making so many inchies – tiny square collages (there’s a Flickr group, too), that I had to try. Plus, I have my beloved square punch to make things easier, so… I had a wonderful weekend! Finally cleared my mind, looked through my stash of materials and magazines (just looked, haven’t organized just yet ;-), and started painting and gluing. I did a few pages in my journals, the cutting board collage from the previous post, and then decided to give the inchies a try. Ah, so much fun! and satisfaction! They’re one inch, so there’s only so much deliberation involved… paint, cut, glue, stamp, ink… and they’re cute, too! I will definitely be making more!

Collage weekend

October 29, 2006

So because the weekend was really wintery, I got to stay home all day and actually got quite a lot done! Because I don’t have enough storage space (or space in general), I have many shoe boxes lying around – one for my stamping stuff, one for collage pieces, and one for my ribbons. I’ve been meaning to dress up these boxes, because it looks really silly to have them lying around all ugly while starting new projects. So I had them as my weekend  project. I knew I was going to collage them, and I enjoyed every single minute, from looking for the images, to cutting and pasting and finding out the “just right” layout. After two boxes, I got really tired and so for my third box I just covered it with scrapbooking papers, which are so beautifu, that I practically did no thinking about the layout. Interestingly enough, that’s the box I like least, because I feel I had nothing to do with it – the papers are pretty (לא חוכמה), and that’s just about it. The other two boxes I love dearly. The first one is nature themed (I figured that as I was going, didn’t decide ahead):

The second is more about nature-patterns – note the text on the box, I’m a word-lover, I didn’t just paste that there for the type! 😉 I like it!


And my third box is the one with scrapbooking papers (Chatterbox and DCWV), as I said, I’m not that crazy about it, although it’s pretty. Maybe it’s too pretty in a superficial kind of way, I don’t know.

Like my fridge, these three boxes are now my “inspiration boxes”. It’s funny, because I have an “inspiration notebook” where I paste magazine clippings I like. While doing these collages, I realized I don’t need to “save” these images in a separate notebook, I can use them to cover up things that stay around the house. This was so therapeutic and fun! I think I’m going to dress up every box and notebook and paper I can!

Playing with collage

September 10, 2006

It’s amazing how I fail to do what inspires me the most – what makes me feel so very good – clean my house! On Friday, I finally cleaned and organized things (don’t get too excited, I’m very un-organized, so that just means I pushed my crafting supplies into a drawer), and as the weekend started there was no one happier than me. I love clean and clear spaces, I should remember that. I was planning to work on collages, although I had absolutely no idea what to do. By the time I told myself “just start!”, it was already Saturday afternoon (our weeek here, in Israel, starts on Sunday). I sat down having no idea what I was going to do, and just starting cutting from magazines. It always amazes me that these magazines are “endless”. They’re all cut and bruised, but still abound with treasures. The first collage I did, I pasted into my book of dreams – it’s kind of magic, and I think It’s a spring/summer mix, because I’m so afraid the summer is slipping away. I want summer all year round!

As I said, once I started cutting I couldn’t stop, so this is just a “fun” playful collage that I haven’t pasted yet. I’m not even sure it will stay this way, but I like it:

And finally, a fun purchase this week. I’ve spent so much on crafting supplies, that I thought maybe I would declare September a “use what you have” month. However, I didn’t, because I’m too weak for such declarations. And as I was walking down the street last week I noticed a beautiful shop full of lovely wallpaper. Could I just walk by? you tell me…

My first spread

September 4, 2006

I finished the first spread of my book of dreams, with pockets, and I’m so happy with it! I had no idea what it would look like in the end. First of all, I just folded the pockets (I have to fill them yet), then I just used my new acrylic paints and painted the pages (for the aqua, I combined white and turquoise, and I love the result). I played around with my transparency collages, dabbed some paint on the yellow page, and really loved it. I let it dry during the night, and this morning as I saw it, I remembered the Van Cleef & Arples ad with the girl (I love their ads!), and stuck it too. Last came Jolee’s daisy punchies (I love them, but I can’t help it – who makes them? they’re small embellished punch outs – somebody sits there piecing them by hand?!). I’m really excited about the result – it’s bright and dreamy and I really like it. Paints are lots of fun. I didn’t think I’d enjoy them, but as I use them, I keep thinking of how I need many more colors. I do enjoy the process, and I enjoy “learning” about the materials as I use them. One of the best things about these paints, for example, is that they’re transparent, so I can cover pages with them, and the text will show under. I really like how you can see the Hebrew text under the yellow color. Also, it’s fun writing on a painted page!

Sticky tape fun collages

September 1, 2006

I saw this tutorial a few days ago, and it looked so simple and pretty that Ihad to try it. I love magazines, and I can page through them over and over again, and now I can even piece them together into a collage. I’ve been wanting to make a collage for a long time, but the magazines seemed too glossy to me. Now this is just perfect. I love the transparency, which means you can stick them over written pages/ layer them, and the possibilities are endless. I can either just stick tape over a picture i like, or create a collage, or even stick lots of strips together into a larger collage – they don’t have to stay in strips! In this picture, the rings on the left are not a collage, just one cut-out, and the piece to the right is a collage. I scanned them over a written scrap page for the transparent effect.

Sticky tape collages

More sticky tape collages on in my flickr album.