Ephemera fun

November 14, 2006

Before anything else, thanks so much for all your comments about my sugar paste cake! I was so terrified before making it, and let me tell you, it was not only pretty, but d-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s!  I’m really happy with it, it was so much fun, I really can’t wait for my next one! Now on to some swappy fun:

I remember seeing the word “ephemera” everywhere when I had just started swapping. I wasn’t able to really understand what it is, or why people would want to swap it. A few months later, and I want to put my hands on all the ephemera I can!

I have learned to look at every piece of paper, business card and invoice, and try and find its beauty, and I know that even if it’s not beautiful to me, it’s exoticly wonderful to others, because it’s Hebrew, different, and from a faraway land. I love that. Just think of all the free paper: cancelled stamps, clothing tags, bus tickets and invoices and more!

So I participated in a few ephemera swaps, and have already signed up for ATC swaps where the challenge is to use junk mail (from your real mailbox) and labels, that sounds like so much fun!

But pictures really will do all the work, enough with those exclamation marks! 🙂

This was a local ephemera swap – I received some very boring things, but this person really chose the best – every piece in there is so beautiful, take a look:

And this the best ephemera baggy I could ever wish for. Look at all this vintage goodness – handwriting, game pieces, cards, buttons, tags:

If you ever want to trade ephemera from Israel – I’m always game! 🙂