Sakura Souffle

August 28, 2006

To be honest, I didn’t really buy these because I wanted or needed them. It was just because I won an e-bay auction, and looked for additional stuff to combine shipping. I’ve read about these souffle pens a lot, and I must say the name sounds awfully yummy and the idea of 3d pens was really intriguing. So I bought them.

Well, first of all, their rigid plastic packaging makes no sense. Aren’t pens supposed to come in a package that you can open and re-open? Well, this one doesn’t. You have to tear it up. bad packaging makes me mad! Apart from that, they’re not really “puffy” or “3d”. Maybe if you use a lot of ink, and draw s-l-o-w-l-y, then you could feel a certain bumpiness brushing the page with your hand. Otherwise, they’re just regular markers that smear, too. But they’re fun, and I guess if you look really closely in a VERY lighted room, you could see some puffiness. 🙂

I’d rate them 7/10.

Here’s a close-up to give you a feeling of the puffiness.