Stamping with a twist

March 13, 2007

I just came across these two sweet ideas, each a stamp in its own way. You know those “creases” we have on our face in the morning? well, why not hve your husband “wear” one that says “Good morning sweetheart“? (via Alecia).

The other one reminds me of Monica from “Friends”, because I’ve never cared about the rings that glasses will leave on the table. Hironau Tsuboi designed a glass that won’t leave rings, but… flowers!



November 2, 2006

I just can’t get enough of them. I’ve always loved trashy glam magazines, but having discovered the world of crafting, I’ve switched to crafting magazines, and care less about the love life of Brad and Jolie. A few months ago I got me a 2-year subscription for Scrapbooks Etc. which I love. I can leaf through and read it for months. I never get bored with all the color and inspiration and stories in it! Pity I can’t participate in any of the “win an 8,000 dollar scrapbooking room” contests. Wouldn’t that be great?

I think magazines are a cultural thing. A “thing” we don’t have here in Israel. I understood this fully in my visit to Athens in June. Seeing all of their small kiosks overflowing with magazines, made me so jealous. They have every single magazine you can imagine, translated into Greek! Vogue, Bazaar, Cosmopolitan, Maison & Decoration, to name just a few. I was really amazed (putting my translator cap on for a sec: just think of all that fun work for translators!). In Israel the only translated magazine we have is Cosmopolitan (well, because we’re not talking about National Geographic-type magazines now, right?), and we have about 3-4 women’s magazines in Hebrew, which are both unexciting and very expensive. Besides, we don’t have the cultural element. I don’t know anyone who would admit to buying these magazines, and the only place I’ve seen people read them here are at the dentists’. I wonder why…hmmm… I want me a regular supply of glossy magazines with nice perfume scents to try, and all the paper crafting magazines I get!

Well, as of this week I have a 2-year subscription to Cloth Paper Scissors as well, and three Somerset Studio magazine back issues are making their way to my mailbox. I just can’t wait. I know you want to see my beautiful back issues, so you can peek here, here and here, and make sure you scroll down to see all the beautiful art work photos.

I tell you, the simplicity of one-click online shopping is going to kill me. Or make me completely broke. Real soon. Well, at least I’ll have lots of magazines to enjoy! 🙂

My next purchase, I can just see it coming… I just NEED this set of stamps below, by Julie Van Oosten (Stampington & Co.) – aren’t they gorgeous?