July 8, 2007

I’ve been fascinated by art/visual journals for a long time, and have been keeping mine ever since November. I really enjoy the process, and the “journal” part of it, but it still isn’t flowing or simple, in that I can’t do it every day or even every week, because it takes time and thought. I find that it’s hard for me to synchronize text and visual images. I can’t think to myself, “oh I’ll write about X”, and then visualize it on paper. I can do either write, OR visualize. Do you know what I mean? Do you feel this way? I think maybe illustrators or artists can “draw” what they feel. I can’t. So what I do is make my pages, have fun with color and glue and clippings, and when the right time comes, I’ll add some writing. Or not. I’d be happy to hear your thoughts about this. Here’s an example of a page I did a few months ago. I really like it, but somehow I feel text is inappropriate, because the picture say enough. At least to me they do. 🙂


Visual journals

February 20, 2007

I’m fascinated with the concept of visual journals, both as something to document my life, and to get the creative juices going. I started my own a few months ago, and I’m still working out what I want it to be like – is it just to practice a new technique? is it really a diary? does it have to have words? So far I’ve had entries of all types. I really want to be able to let my thoughts and creativity free in there, but I’m not there yet. It’s a bit unnatural to me. I’ve been gluing things down, painting a little, but not really daring to do much more. Maybe I’ll share a few pages sometime, but not today.

Today I want to show you a fabulous page by ART TEA LIFE. I just love the way you can see the process in which she chose the magazine page, cut it out, placed things differently, and then doodled, embellished, etc. Isn’t it great that she displays the whole process? Don’t you love blogs?! 🙂 ! I just love it, and I’m going to try to doodle and play more with mine!