July 25, 2007

I rock! I was tagged twice. Once by Anke and once by Tamar. Thanks so much!
The idea is to create a virtual circle of blogging women, originating at this blog. So, here are my nominees for five more rockin’ gals who definitely deserve to be on the list:

1. Corinne, for being so damn brave and colorful and outgoing in her art and life. She’ll talk and blog and scrap about anything, and it’ll always be honest and interesting. She’s funny and sweet, and has a HUGE heart, and… she definitely has the handsomest husband! 🙂

2. Hanna, because she has a real passion for art. She’ll try it all, book binding, sewing, collage, paint, photography! and even though I’m sure she’ll receive many nominations, she’s still one of my very favorite blogs, so I can’t leave her out. 

3. Roben-Marie – I only discovered her very recently through Flickr, and I’m amazed at the artwork. I could just favorite every single one of those journal pages. Plus, She also went on a medical mission trip to El Salvador (and just look at this journal she made!)!

4. Cynthia, because she was one of the very first scrappers I ever saw/read, and because I admire her bold and funny writing and enjoy her work.

5. Christine Kane, she’s my guru. Anyone who’s self-employed should read her blog. She has amazing insights I identify with, she makes me nod my head like crazy when I read her. She’s smart and funny and experienced, and she’s right! 🙂

 Thank you all. I may have many many blogs on my reading list, but yours are something special.


How do you escape?

July 24, 2007

The new All About Eve Challenge is up. I’m really enjoying these challenges. I thought it might be too much work and pressure, but once more I learned that it’s not about whether or not you have time, it’s about priorities. I find the time to create, I’m always learning, and always enjoying. The Eve girls are really great, I love the ideas they come up with, and their work is fabulous. And so many people have joined and are scrapping along! Even two girls from Israel have joined, which I find is a great achievement. 🙂
For me, this is also a type of journal, more than a photo album.
For this week’s LO I scrapped me making art. I squirted paint as the background, and doodled a bit. I wanted it to reflect the “escape” part, not too much thinking, measuring, deliberating. Just enjoying. 🙂

Eat, Pray, Love

July 10, 2007

I had read a lot about this book on Elise Blaha’s blog, and from Ali Edwards and Christine Kane as well, and it was just the type of book I knew I’d like even before I started.

At 30, Elizabeth Gilbert, the author, decided she didn’t like her life as it was, although many people would have thought it was perferct (the husband, the NY house, the money, the traveling). After a horrible divorce, she set off on a whole year of vacation to enjoy life.

The “Eat” part takes place in Italy, where she learns Italian, enjoys pure pleasure, and, well, eats! The “Pray” part is in India, where she stays in an Ashram, meditates and prays, and the “Love” part is about her 4 months in Bali, where she tried to find balance between pure earthly pleasures and spirituality.

But that’s just the story. What I enjoyed most were two things (of course I enjoyed the story immensely and I’m jealous as hell) – one was those parts where I just had to put the book down and literally laugh out loud. Her sense of humor is wonderful, and it’s liberating, because I could identify with her in many ways, and I think any woman would. Apart from that I also really enjoyed her sensitivity to language and culture. Actually, the book is about language and culture. Not only Italian, Indian, American and Indonesian cultures, but also masculine vs. feminine ones. I love the way she uses words, explains their definitions, thinks about them, about whether and how they’re significant, and also makes her characters use their own language. I can actually “hear” Richard from texas say “groceries”, I can “see” Tutti play with her blue tile, and oh, how I wish I could visit Kutut on his porch!

The other thing I really liked about the book was that although I’m really not spiritual, and I would normally want to skip all the meditation and yoga talk, somehow in this book she managed to get me engaged. I was really interested. I thought the processes she went through were fascinating, and I actually WANT to try meditation. I’ve never felt this “open” to spirituality as I did when I read this book.

So, what are you waiting for? read it! 🙂
Also, don’t be me – I ran off to her web page after reading just one book page. So yes, I got see pictures of all the people in the book, but I also got one really big spoiler. Don’t do it. Have patience. That’s what the book is all about! 🙂

New Challenge!

July 9, 2007

The new challenge on the All About Eve blog is to scrap your age. As I woke up on Friday and saw this great transfer tutorial, I knew I had to try it. As you can see, I don’t know how to draw even when I trace! 😉 but I still really like the outcome. What I did was try to recreate one of the pictures Corinne took of me in Holland. I’m standing by the lake, on the grass, and behind me, in the distance, are houses and trees. You can click on the picture in Flickr to read some of the journaling. The part on my “coat” is quite illegible in the pic, but it just lists some important things I’ve managed to accomplish. Just to remind myself that my age is not only about wrinkles, but I’ve also managed to do a few important things along the way! Here’s my LO, and now come and join us, scrap your age!


July 8, 2007

I’ve been fascinated by art/visual journals for a long time, and have been keeping mine ever since November. I really enjoy the process, and the “journal” part of it, but it still isn’t flowing or simple, in that I can’t do it every day or even every week, because it takes time and thought. I find that it’s hard for me to synchronize text and visual images. I can’t think to myself, “oh I’ll write about X”, and then visualize it on paper. I can do either write, OR visualize. Do you know what I mean? Do you feel this way? I think maybe illustrators or artists can “draw” what they feel. I can’t. So what I do is make my pages, have fun with color and glue and clippings, and when the right time comes, I’ll add some writing. Or not. I’d be happy to hear your thoughts about this. Here’s an example of a page I did a few months ago. I really like it, but somehow I feel text is inappropriate, because the picture say enough. At least to me they do. 🙂

In for a good laugh?

June 21, 2007

This made me laugh hard, this morning. 🙂

I made a few more ATCs yesterday, using the same backgrounds I had made the day before, only this time I used images from newspapers, and as I was working, I remembered the packing tape technique which I wrote about some time ago . So I had some fun with that, too. I really like how these two turned out – in the pink one, the lamp is a magazine cutout which I did with packing tape, which makes it transparent like that, and the one below I just cut two completely different images, the girl, and the curtain, and created a picture. I really like them. They’re not for trade (yet), but I made many others, which you can see on my Flickr account if you’d like to trade. I’m really enjoying ATCs!