Laptop dress-up

February 26, 2007

I’ve been looking for a sleeve for my new laptop, and it’s not easy. It has to be beautiful and girly (i.e. either floral or pink, and preferably both!), and to really be a “sleeve” – I don’t want any bulky handles, because I want it to fit perfectly into my already-big bag. So I surfed Etsy a little, and saved some faves, but I’m not too excited. I guess I’ll have to look a little more. Anyway, the exciting thing I DID find while surfing for a nice outfit is Laptop skins! What a great idea! I have the transparent back sticker covering it still on, because people have told me it’ll get scratched easily. So just the thought of being able to turn it into pink/flowery or even customized with anything I want – now that’s exciting!:-)
The downside: these skins are extremely expensive, seeing as they’re…uh…big stickers!
What do you think: to buy or not to buy my laptop a pretty sticker for 20 dollars + shipping? This is the one I want:



9 Responses to “Laptop dress-up”

  1. bekaboo Says:

    That is awfully pretty! Could you make your own from the existing plastic cover and some rubons?

  2. Rappy Says:

    Hagit, those are FABULOUS. I did a quick search and at another site you can also customize them. I wonder how it’ll look if I did one that looks like my business card? Blue or pink?


  3. Tamar Says:

    I am, uh, pretty thrifty (okay, some would say CHEAP) myself, so I definitely hear you on the $$$, but you know, your laptop is something you look at pretty much every single day…so why not make it beautiful, right? This way you’re really paying for the daily pleasure rather than just an enormous sticker. 🙂

    Oh, and my vote is definitely for the pink! My laptop cover is not completely flat or I would get one too.

  4. Ayelet Says:

    However, I’m pretty sure you could make something nicer (and more original) yourself. Then maybe stick it on the laptop with wide transparent masking tape?

  5. D@nielle Says:

    it is sooo cute and girly ! It was fun meeting you this weekend ! (I sat next to you @ the crop …)

  6. fauve Says:

    That’s so pretty,i love it!!

  7. Amy Says:

    I would pass… Keep looking for a sleeve… I can see the big sticker getting dinged & looking messed up quickly…

  8. Hanna Says:

    I’d by it! Or get pink and transparent sticky paper and make flowers and swirls yourself, and then cover the whole thing with a transparent sticker paper (I don’t know what it’s called, but you can get it by the roll).


    love the idea!

  9. ,mm well maybe it is a little late for commenting.. but i could tell you that i did my own laptop skin.. and it costed me like 10$.. just fo ur own design and go to printshop and print it on Vinyl.. in any case its th esame techniques that these companies do.. and its half price..

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